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Receive, receive, receive

Do you have a hard time receiving?

When you receive a large sum of money what kind of emotions come up?

Do you feel worthy of having?

I use to think that if I tried really hard and did a perfect job then I would receive love, money and recognition.

The only problem with that is my heart became really tough and strident. I was doing everything from ‘JUST DO IT’ thinking. My bank account reflected that by staying small and many times out of balance.

If a large sum of money came in at first I would feel great and happy and then I would start giving the money away and spend it quickly. I didn’t feel worthy of having it in my life. I rarely spent any money on myself.

Abundance doesn’t come from your head or struggle. It has to flow from the heart. It must flow from love.

That’s what happened to me. When I started to give love to myself and allowed myself to have beautiful things around me, including money, I began to feel the Presence of God and the Angels within and around me and … my income increased.

If you are having a hard time receiving, Mother Mary’s instructions will open your heart wide to let the Godness in for keeps.

I wanted to share what Mother Mary has to say about receiving from our new book, 21 Days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

If you have a hard time receiving Day 16 is for you.

Day 16

Bask Often in the Ray of Abundance

“Beloved, today I want to invite you to bask often in the Ray of Abundance.

Abundance is a gift from God. You don’t have to do anything for it. Simply receive it.

Abundance is. It can’t be divided, diminished, or destroyed because it’s part of the Godhead.

Remember that any other thought or appearance otherwise is an illusion and doesn’t exist.

Come Beloved and let’s lift up together into the Holy Golden Light.” Mother Mary

She then takes us on a glorious expansive journey to increase our capacity receive.

Oh there is so much more in this exquisite diamond of a book. Today the paperback version is now available for you. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET YOUR COPY!

If you are done with the pain of hard work and struggle and you’re ready to start receiving MONEY and a daily flow of Abundance join us now.

Click here to find out how you can Play in May with Mother Mary and Abundance and completely free up your money life.

This is an unbelievable value and it’s ending soon.

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