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Jennifer Ruth Russell


I’m a spiritual mentor, a musician, and an author. I grew up as a missionary kid. I've had a long journey in the contrast of lack and abundance and then Mother Mary ...

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I’ve been a single parent and a musician in panic of how to pay the rent. I’ve had the opportunity to make lots of money that left me fatigued and empty.  I’ve experimented in the bliss of ignorance, luck, and wishful thinking around money.

But everything changed one rainy afternoon in the Ukraine at a funky art gallery off the main highway, Mother Mary called my name.

As she began mentoring me I started to heal deep within the memories of my heart. My money angst started to give way to peace and freedom. In my sessions and my Academy, people began to be healed; of illness, broken hearts and financial pain.

There’s a deep ‘mother’ healing that happens when you let Mother Mary work with you. She knows your heart. She knows your pain.

Mother Mary asked me to write down her messages and create these books.

Each book focuses around how to flow in your true wealth and abundance as a co-creator with the Beloved Divine. 

Our desire is to help you release your money fears and worries so you can step into the deep calm of trust. That you know, on a cellular level, that you are always cared for every moment of every day, no matter what is going on around you.

That the feeling of desperately needing to make something happen has released into a joyful knowing of receiving. The Universe always has your back.

Books from newest release:

by Jennifer Ruth Russell

Beloved old soul, you already know that you are here for an incredibly special time on planet Earth.

You are a part of a great cosmic awakening into 5th dimensional living with golden abundance and miracles.

It is time to step out of the old way of doing money and into a new faith currency!

Opulence Infusion – a new faith currency will help you:


  • Transition out of the old energetic patterns and step into the new 5D experience of exchange

  • Strengthen your co-creative power and create on the fly

  • Connect to the Higher Octave of support with Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, and the entire Team working on this project, including the Golden White Unicorns

  • Recalibrate to the new Opulence Light Codes of creation

“We want to help you in the transition to a 5th dimensional life and above. We want to help you create a divine new earth. We want to offer light codes, transmissions, techniques, skills, and spiritual technologies.

You have trained for many lifetimes to assist in this Grand Event.

We are delighted to see you lift into your sovereignty and create on a higher level.” ~ Mother Mary

Front Cover Opulence Infusion.jpg

by Jennifer Ruth Russell

Empowered Prayer book cover resized.jpg

This little book contains a simple, doable form of prayer that is super effective and powerful!

The Creative Power of the Universe is waiting for your choice and direction. It's time to command the Light through the power of your word.

Prayer heals. Prayer immediately lifts you into the higher frequencies of Love Light. Prayer calls the Angels to you instantly. Prayer can quickly change your life, resurrect your finances, heal your relationships, and give you a way to help others in their progress.

In Empowered Prayer you will:

• learn a new simple system of prayer that you’ll use over and over again.
• find out what your Divine Authority is and be empowered to speak from it.
• discover the power of calling in the Ascended Masters and Archangels to lift you up as you pray.
• see the importance of Divine Protection and master how to use it.

“Beloved, when you speak your word in the formality and ritual of prayer it activates the wisdom of the ages, the love of Father Mother God, and the creative power of the laws of the universe into action.”– Mother Mary

by Jennifer Ruth Russell

Are you ready to be the architect of your own life? What you see in your life is what you’ve created. It’s that simple.


You have the ability to create more. You can have a happy, opulent and successful life. 

This collection of lessons will help you activate your magnificent creative abilities. This is a new way of creating; it’s through the Divine Feminine. Mother Mary is calling you into an intimate connection with her heart and your creative power. 

In How to Create with Mother Mary and Friends you will:

•Step into a whole new way of creating with the Divine Feminine

•Learn a simple system that keeps you in alignment with your pure desires 
•Receive the assistance of Mother Mary and her Mighty Friends through their loving instruction 
•Find out why you’ve been missing the mark with your financial goals and access your real power
•Open up your life to receive more goodness in every area and Dance in the rhythm of creation

“We will be holding your hand every step of the way, when you desire that. However, even our presence will be secondary to you owning your own ability to be the architect of your own life.” – Mother Mary and Jeshua

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21 Days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary 

by Jennifer Ruth Russell

21 Days Cover Kindle.jpg

Mother Mary is calling you into an intimate connection with Abundance and a completely new relationship with your finances.

Forget the old ideas of trying to make money.

Struggle and hard work, ticking off the to do list and saying an affirmation a thousand times a day isn’t working any longer.

If you could’ve changed your finances with prosperity programs you would have already.

This is a new way of creating; it’s through the Divine Feminine.

In 21 days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of Mary you will:

•Release your financial fear, anxiety, and panic
•Fall in love with your High Holy Self
•Connect deeply with Mother Mary and the Angelic Realm
•Open up to the Divine Feminine and experience financial healing
•Go beyond your current limitations and take back your money power
•Learn how to bring the spiritual and financial into a dance of harmony

Your heart is the instrument of Abundance. It is where your Divine inheritance of Opulence lives. Breathe here and rest your heart in mine.“ ~Mother Mary

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