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Expanded Lightbody Album

Updated: 6 days ago

Are you ready to expand your Lightbody for Opulent Health and Eternal Youth? Imagine walking this Earth enveloped in a radiant light, a living testament to the beauty that resides within each of us.

In the words of the Great Divine Director, "Then We shall give them Bodies such as have not been manifest before upon Earth, that they may stand before the world a Living Example—revealing the Fulfillment of the Law of Love and Light." ~ I AM Discourses, Volume *

Understanding Your Lightbody:

Let's delve into your Lightbody—an embodiment of divine love. Transcend physical limits and embrace a 5th-dimensional body resonating with universal rhythms. The 12 chakras serve as gateways to soul wisdom and new light code

My journey:

As I journeyed through the labyrinth of the 12 chakras a gentle whisper echoed within my heart—to infuse each chakra with the resonance of song and meditation. Thus, Expanded Lightbody Sanctuary was born—a sanctuary of light where the melodies of healing and the whispers of angels intertwine, nurturing our souls.

Experience the Transformation:

I'm honored to share 12 melodies and meditations, crafted to ignite transformation within you. Each note invites you to dance with Archangel Guardians, guiding your liberation and reunion with your essence, your Beloved I AM.

Listen to Expand Your Lightbody

Listen, like, and add to your playlists wherever you listen to music. This link will take you there. Click HERE!

jennifer ruth russell expanded lightbody album cover

Let's experience these transformative melodies together. You'll also receive a special pre-release copy of Expanded Lightbody Meditations, enriching your journey with deeper knowledge and insight.

Embrace the Upgrade

Feel your Lightbody expand with each breath and heartbeat, weaving through life's intricate tapestry. Embrace this divine upgrade, honoring your DNA's awakening.

Allow your Expanded Light Body to guide you to deeper connection and inner harmony.

As you expand your Lightbody, embrace a heart-centered journey to opulent health and eternal youth. You're a radiant beacon of love light.

Musical Odyssey: the Sacred Chakra Soundscape

A discription of the music tracks


Sandalphon - Expanded Earth Star Chakra

Feel the primal energy of your Earth Star Chakra, guided by Archangel Sandalphon. Let the rhythmic blend of Djemba, Log drums, and wind chimes lead you on a ceremonial walk, connecting you with Pachamama. Experience the divine language of the Angels, as you bask in the Silver Light of this transcendent experience.


I Am Ready - Expanded Root Chakra

Step into the soulful embrace of "I Am Ready: Root Chakra Blues," where the harmonious blend of wurley, organ, and blues guitar, accompanied by Rob McDonald's vocals and bass, sets the stage for a transformative journey. The Root Chakra is your center of mastery and the happy child and resonates with joy and vitality. From the base of your spine, feel the grounding energy enveloping you, guided by Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope, bathing you in Platinum Light. Surrender to the rhythm, and let your spirit soar in the timeless embrace of the soulful groove.


Om Mani Padme Hum - Expanded Sacral Chakra

Journey into the Sacral Chakra, guided by Archangel Gabriel, Lady Hope, and Kwan Yin (the Bodhisattva), as shimmering Pink Light unveils Transcendent Love and Sexuality. "Om Mani Padme Hum," Kwan Yin's chant meaning "the jewel in the lotus," symbolizes enlightenment and compassion, echoing mercy and grace. Let this mantra reverberate, infusing your being with divine love and compassion. We are moving into relationships that are genuine, filled with tenderness. Our friendships are in balance. We feel safe in our loving and there is mutual giving and receiving.


Family of Light - Expanded Navel Chakra

Family of Light is an Americana folk vibe. Move your focus to the Naval Chakra. Visualize vivid Orange Light with the assistance of Archangel Gabriel and Lady Hope. This is your Family of Light chakra. During this Golden Age of Aquarius, the naval is ready to shine once again as your personal sun, your center of heightened creativity and value as you move into the Beloved Community.


There Is Nothing but Peace - Expanded Solar Plexus Chakra 

“There’s Nothing But Peace,” words by Ernest Holmes. The Udu drums and fretless bass gives a hypnotic chant to these simple put profound words. Draw your attention to the Solar Plexus, right above the navel. We’ve had lifetimes of experiencing this chakra as a dumping ground of fear. Not only your own fear, but fear for the entire planet. As you learned to trust yourself and the Beloved Divine, your solar plexus became your anchor of safety that holds peace and wisdom. You are now able to receive and minister to others.  The Ruby Gold Ray with the assistance of Archangels Uriel and Donna Grace will help you do that.


Bring a Higher Love - Expanded Heart Chakra

Place your hand on your heart. "Bring a Higher Love" invites you to journey through the expanded Heart Chakra, the gateway to your Opulent Ascension. As your Lightbody rises, it follows the path of the heart. This ballad serves as a conduit to join forces with Archangel Chamuel, Lady Charity, Mother Mary, and Lady Venus, facilitating your connection to The Cosmic Heart. Visualize Pure White Light tinges with Pink flowing in and out of your heart.


I love Michael’s rock guitar descant riding over the other voices.



I Am a Messenger of Truth - Expanded Throat Chakra

You are a Messenger of Truth - African kalimba, light language afro groove. Throat Chakra. Visualize Saphire Blue Light with the assistance of Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. feel the sensitivity of this part of your body. As it spins in the Magnificent Royal Blue Ray, see it expanding beyond your physical body filled with Faith, Strength, and deep surrender to Divine Will. 


This beautiful chakra helps you hear and speak Truth. It lets you know when someone isn’t truthful with a reaction of tightening up. It also tightens when you are not speaking your own truth.


Shiv Nitra - Expanded Third Eye Chakra

Center yourself within the Third Eye Chakra and awaken your crystal-clear vision. As you HUM - feel the gentle embrace of Emerald Green Light, guided by the nurturing presence of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary. Allow this serene energy to expand your perception and insight, illuminating the path to deeper understanding and clarity.

1,000 Petals of Light - Expanded Crown Chakra 

Shift your focus to the Crown Chakra atop your head and gently tap for a few moments. Let the luminous Golden White Light gently unfurl this center, guided by the nurturing presence of Archangels Jophiel and Christine.


Think of the 1,000 petals as 1,000 names for the Beloved Divine.


As you evolve, envision your Crown Chakra blossoming into a Golden White Lotus, ready to receive Ancient Wisdom from the Masters, the stars, universal libraries, and the collective knowledge of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu."



My Chamber of Peace - Expanded Causal Chakra

Shift your focus just above the crown to the Causal Chakra. Visualize Silver White Light unfurling like a blossoming flower, with the gentle guidance of Archangels Christiel and Mallory. This chakra, residing in deep silence, holds the Silver White Ray within its singular chamber. It is your chamber of Peace.


The Moon holds the Causal Chakra for the planet and is fully connected to your chamber of Peace. Connected during the moons to the stargate Lyra, which is a unicorn gateway.


Soul Star - Expanded Soul Star Chakra

Immerse yourself in the celestial rhythms of neo-soul as you bring your attention to the Soul Star Chakra, situated 12 inches above your head. Envision the vibrant Magenta Light unfolding like a blossoming flower, guided by the gentle assistance of Archangels Muriel, Zadkiel, and Lavender.


Celebrate the fulfillment of your divine mission. You are a catalyst for change, a beacon of light in the world.



I Am a Golden Sun - Expanded Stellar Gateway Chakra

 Step into the electronic Americana roots celebration of "I AM a Golden Sun" as you shift your focus to the Stellar Gateway Chakra, located 18 inches above your heart. Envision Orange Gold with the guiding presence of Archangel Metatron and Seraphim Seraphina.


This chakra, brilliant in Orange Gold, is your personal sun—a cosmic flower—constantly receiving the highest wisdom from your Beloved I AM Presence. It is the crowning jewel of your expanded Lightbody, dynamically changing shape to receive sacred geometry imbued with the wisdom and light you require in every moment.

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