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Baby B

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Meet my new grand piano. Baby B is a Boston - Steinway piano. I love her and interact with her often.

She came to me in the flow of the new faith currency.

I think this story will help you understand what the new faith currency is and how you can start using it.

Because I am practicing being a living transmission of Opulence, even writing a book with Mother Mary about it, keeps me focused within the simplicity of my heart.

Let’s go back a few years. I started to feel the nudge to get out of Los Angeles. My soul felt parched by the environment, the traffic, and the high cost of living.

The isolation of COVID made it clear that we could live anywhere and still do our music. My Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy is global and Michael’s basketball coaching had come to an end.

Through many revelations and miracles we found ourselves in Laurens, SC signing papers for our new home in September, 2022.

I had to let go of the old.

Moving house across country is a BIG move. We began weeding through our things and let a lot of things go, including my old piano.

I was given a Story & Clark piano from my parents when they were returning to Kenya. I was pregnant with my son, Andy.

I loved that piano. In the 40 plus years we had together, I wrote over 200 songs, shed tears, healed many wounds, played, improvised, and celebrated with that piano. And … it was time to let her go.

I had a good cry seeing her being lifted on to the dolly, into a truck, and on her way to another LA songwriter.

Michael comforted me and assured me I’d have a grand piano in our new home. I didn’t think much about it at the time.

Getting everything packed and moved was all consuming and I missed my piano so much throughout the entire move. I've always had a piano in my home.

I know that a pure desire is nourishing and gives us so much joy. It is life giving in every form of its journey.

Our new place is an old southern home. It’s spacious and filled with light. Truly a miracle manifestation for Michael and I.

My desire began as a hole in my heart. I was missing one of the biggest tools and supports in my life, a piano.

I put an inquiry out of Facebook in a local group that I was looking for a piano. The responses made me realize that an old used upright was not in harmony with my desire.

The Divine Picture is Established

The foyer to our home is a room in itself. This room kept talking to me, this is where the piano is going to be.

The spark of joy started to percolate and I could see a piano there and it was a baby grand.

I kept my desire light in my heart and visualized it in our home.

We had spent a lot of money on our move. A story for another time of how lavishly and miraculously we were cared for every step of the way.

In January 2023 our bank accounts were slim.

I knew it was time to go look at some pianos anyway. Surrounded in prayer, curiosity, and my Angel team, we set off ... walking in Opulence

There were 3 piano stores to be explored. I remember saying, ‘Let’s go to the closest one first.’ It was The Steinway Gallery in Greenville, SC.

I was immediately invited to play the full Steinway Grand Piano in the performance chamber. I felt detached as I played not feeling connected to my heart at all.

We then started looking at other pianos. I felt all of them were way over our budget. What were we even doing here?

Then I sat down to play Baby B. I had a visceral experience. Every cell in my body started to vibrate and my heart opened. It was love at first play. The YES was so huge I couldn’t deny it.

As we started talking about the money with Bob, our guide through this experience, everything started to become very 3D. I heard him say, “If you leave a deposit, of any amount, today. We’ll hold it for you. If someone else comes in and wants to buy this piano, we’ll have to call you before we can sell it to them.”

As I wrote that check I felt the gap of my pure desire and a lot of resistance.

The resistance was the inquiry and spiritual work that I needed to do to allow myself to receive my piano, my desire.

It wasn’t about the money, but the money made it obvious that I wasn’t ready or available to accept this goodness in my life.

All my gremlins came out of hiding. Do I deserve this? Am I worthy? I’m a missionary kid we are trained to do without. Wouldn’t an upright piano do? Who do you think you are Keith Jarret ... Thelonious Monk?

My Beloved I AM Presence, Mother Mary and my entire Pure Gold Team kept nurturing me through my process. They kept telling me to “Trust and GO!”

This partnership is my lifeline. It’s like having a team of the highest level of insight, long sight, future sight, and love at the ready whenever I need to know something.

Heavenly Team

You have a Heavenly Team too that is just as amazing.

My job, as is yours, is to trust and have faith and keep moving.

I connected with the Deva, the over lighting spirit, of Baby B. Her name is Bagua. This is what she told me.

I am very much hoping to come home with you and to rest here for a long while. I want to be played. I want to participate in what you are doing. I want to help you soar in your creative expression of play and composing. I want to be included in your household for as long as possible.

I feel even deeper in love with this piano.

I remembered my Uncle Kora who I hadn't thought of in years. He was Norwegian, married to my Aunt Jean. They were missionaries to Sumatra. Everytime we met up with them in the US (we were in Ethiopia) Uncle Kora was unapologetically driving a new Mercedes-Benz. His laughter and light heartedness reminded me of Santa Clause.

When I told my cousin about thinking of his father and his encouragement on the other side of the veil, he sent me a message, "Getting your hearts desire is part of the Blessing that last forever."

I also had some important conversations with my heart sisters who went through Dick Grove School of Music training with me. We have lunch whenever we can. Now we meet on the phone or Zoom. We all love and are dedicated to our pianos. They've had grand pianos for years. I had never noticed before that I was the only member of this circle that didn't have a grand paino. They gave me the earthly permission I was ready for.

When you flow in an Opulence Infusion - a new faith currency it reminds me of riding a high wave that's ready to crest. It's thrilling and your knees may be shaking. It's a ride I'll never turn away from because it is life giving and creative.

As far as the money is concerned. I was surprised at how simple and doable my hearts desire turned out to be. All perfectly contained in the flow of the new faith currency.

A miracle manifestation? Yes!

Get your copy of Opulence Infusion - a new faith currency. This book a leading-edge instruction manual that will lift you into a blissful and magical experience of all needs met, all the time, every time ... no matter what.

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