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I Am A Messenger of Truth (Expanded Throat Chakra)

Your Expanded Throat Chakra makes you a Messenger of Truth

Have you ever considered that each of our chakras symbolizes a specific aspect of our spiritual journey?

After tuning in to the recent presidential debate, I couldn't help but notice a stark contrast: one candidate struggled to articulate thoughts, while the other spoke effortlessly off the cuff.

Lately, I've been reflecting on the Expanded Throat chakra. Moreover, did you know this remarkable energy center enables us to both hear and speak the Truth?"

Archangel Michael and Lady Faith serve as guardians of this powerful center. In our upcoming book, Expanded Light Body Meditations - Chakra Awakening: 12 Transcendent Journey's with Archangels, available this July, they share insights on the Expanded Throat Chakra.

I trust this excerpt resonates with you, thereby helping to clarify your own path and discern the Truth in what you perceive. Learn more by joining us in the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.

a graphic image of an expanded throat chakra
Expanded Throat Chakra

Archangel Michael and Lady Faith speak

This beautiful chakra helps you hear and speak Truth. It lets you know when someone isn’t truthful with a reaction of tightening up. It also tightens when you are not speaking your own truth.

As you transcend into your expanded Lightbody, your throat chakra opens to receive the high messages of the Ascended Ones, the Angelic Realm, and the messages of Illumine Truth. Your deep inner listening, your inner ear, is in this power center.

Be gentle with yourself as we briefly look at the journey that you’ve gone through to get here. We’ll begin from this place of strength and expansion through the stages of your personal growth. 

You trust God. You trust yourself. You are an ambassador of Light and an inspired leader steeped in integrity. You honor your magnificence and teach Truth. You speak with loving honesty. You learned to open and align to higher truth. You speak up for yourself. You speak up for others. 

You came into the knowing of who you are and accepting your preciousness. Your words empowered others. You learned to listen to your own intuition. Before this you experimented with echoing divine truths that you had heard. There was a time when you misrepresented the truth and went along with others to fit in with the ‘crowd’. You worked through the fear of being misunderstood, disbelieved, or even persecuted. You experimented with trusting your inner voice, listening, and hearing, refusing to listen, and deliberately telling lies. You began lying and being dishonest to protect yourself”

As we’ve glanced back, feel the diminishing light of your throat. 

Once again, feel the sensitivity of this part of your body. As it spins in the Magnificent Royal Blue Ray, see it expanding beyond your physical body filled with Faith, Strength, and deep surrender to Divine Will.  Feel my strength and the full gift of Lady Faith embodying your throat chakra. ~ Archangel Michael and Lady Faith Archangel Michael and Lady Faith from Expanded Lightbody Meditations - Chakra Awakening: 12 Transcendent Journey's with Archangels

Listen to the song I AM a Messenger of Truth, inspired by this teaching. The kalimba and light language, blended with an afro groove, guide you to visualize Sapphire Blue Light, supported by Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. Feel the profound sensitivity of this energy center as it spins within the Magnificent Royal Blue Ray. Witness its expansion beyond your physical form, infused with Faith, Strength, and a profound surrender to Divine Will.

I AM a Messenger of Truth (Expanded Throat Chakra)

by Jennifer Ruth Russell

My throat is spinning magnificent royal blue

I walk in faith, and I speak words of honor and truth

Chorus:I Am a Messenger of Truth

I speak up for myself and for others

I Am a Deputy of Light

I trust God, I trust myself

Archangel Michael place your sword of Truth in my right hand. In my left, place your shield of protection

Repeat Chorus(Sing and make a joyful noise)

We are Messengers of Truth. We speak up for ourselves and for others We are Deputies of Light. We trust God, we trust ourselves (2x).

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