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Our Miracle Gig

Living in the new faith currency and consciously chosing to be a living transmission of Opulence continually pushes me through the challenges of everyday life ... victorious, most of the time. It also surprises and delights me with many beautiful gifts from the Beloved Divine.

I hope this story will encourage and refresh you in your walk with your divine inheritance of Abundance.

We moved from Los Angeles, California to Laurens, South Carolina in November 2022. The decision to move was simple, we were guided to do so and it was time.

Some dear friends helped us find this amazing big old house in Laurens.

A beautiful gift.

a sears roebuck house in Laurens

Our studio is in the dining room. It fits us well.

My grand paino, Baby B, is in the foyer. That is a story in itself.

You can read about it here.

My sanctuary is filled with natural light and space. I love it.

We moved into the Chestnut Manor the beginning of December, We got Covid over the Holy Days. We recovered and finished unpacking in January and here comes February.

Sunday mornings were feeling very weird to me. There's a Presbyterian church a block from our new house. I was raised Presbyterian, some dear Ethiopian friends go there, and all the self talk of trying to talk myself into going, still wouldn't budge me to go.

I've been sharing my music in Spiritual Centers around the US and beyond for 18 years. Since the pandemic Michael and I have once again have been playing together as a duo, mostly online.

What new thought centers are around us? I had done a small search north and didn't feel drawn to anything I saw.

But this particular Sunday morning in February, I got up from playing the piano, streched my arms up to the sky and spoke out loud. "Beloved, use me and my music. I'm not done sharing this gift."

Be available for the miracle gig.

For the first time my mind went south and I looked up new thought spiritual centers in Columbia. I stumbled on Unity of the Midlands. They had just started their service and it was streaming on FB.

A beautiful African American sister was reading the Daily Word and my heart melted. She introduce Rev. Dan and he began to teach.

I sat through the entire message. That's unusal for my hummingbird like nature. I liked Rev. Dan, a lot. Being a preachers kid, that's unusal for me.

At the end of his thought provoking and deeply spiritual message he had some annoucements: Keep holding the vision with him for all the funds needed for the new sign for Unity of the Midlands, He was leaving for New Zealand that week and ... the church was looking for a music director.


My heart quickened. I prayed about it and was encouraged to throw my hat in the ring.

A woman named Allison emailed me and asked me to fill out an application. We set up a time to talk. What a lovely conversation we had. She is the administrator for the church. She assured me Rev. Dan would call when he returned.

When Rev. Dan and I finally talked it was easy breezy. We share many languages. He said it felt like a star had fallen in their backyard.

My heart call was to serve here. So Michael and I went down to visit. We were received with open arms from a warm, diverse, loving community. We immediately felt at home.

What about the money?

As our conversations continued, I knew that the value of what Michael and I bring was much more than the budget the Board of Directors had approved. I shared this with Rev. Dan.

He paused and responded with, "I'll hold the vision of what you are asking for with you. Let me bring it to the BOD this week." Rev. Dan never asked me to comprise in any way. What a beautiful gift.

The next communication I received was a text. We just received a large donation/gift to the church. Done and done! Thank you God!

Not only was it enough to begin the music ministry, but another donation/gift followed in a couple of weeks to completely pay off the new sign and the morgage.

The Miracle Gig landed for Michael and I in what seemed like a completely foreign land. This has been the beautiful gift of stepping out on the skinny branches of faith. Spirit always shows up out there.

Yes, this beautiful gift is fulfilling us on many levels. I'm grateful to be walking in the flow of the new faith currency. I'm also grateful that Rev. Dan was mentored by Edwene Gaines, the author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. Going a bit old school here, I feel that we are equally yoked in service. That is another miracle.

The choir and I are getting to know each other and rehearsing twice a month. Very soon we'll be starting to share a choir Sunday once a month.

Rev. Dan is also a guitar player and makes guitar amps. He knows good sound and music. He and Michael have a lot of talk about.

If you're in the area, come by and join us on Sunday mornings. You can read more about Unity of the Midlands in Columbia, SC HERE!

image of Rev. Dan Beckett

Rev Dan Beckett holds a Master of Divinity degree from Unity Institute and Seminary and ordination through Unity Worldwide Ministries. He is a husband, father and business owner as well as a teacher of Bible and Theology in Unity’s seminary program. He is a certified Firewalking instructor and Master Prosperity Teacher whose passion is to awaken every person’s indwelling ability to create joyous, abundant and meaningful lives through faith, community and service.

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Donna Kassewitz
Donna Kassewitz
Jul 09, 2023

What an inspiring story!! Congratulations! And Edwene Gaines had a huge impact on my life too! God bless Edwene, Jennifer and Unity of Midlands!

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