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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

I AM GOLDEN EP is now available and has been released into the wild.

I love this collection of six songs. They are soulful, rhythmic, empowering, reverent, and contemplative. Tom Morgan Jr. (sax) Rob McDonald (bass & vocals) and Michael (guitar, vocals, producer) pulled out all the stops on this one.

Who I AM

I had an Akashic record reading recently with Barbara Reed. She was referred to me by a dear friend and I was curious.

The Akashic records is an energy- based data base that contains all of the human choices and actions that have ever occurred in your life.

I found out that my primary energy center is Divine Compassion and that my Soul blueprint is Blueprint Designer.

My mission/vision statement for years has been: "I am here to uplift, empower, and transform the world with my songs and prayers that open the heart."

I am a blueprint designer

As a blueprint designer my soul mission is to create and share my creations with the world. That they will be lifting the consciousness of humanity.

So as I release I AM GOLDEN, I'm delighted and grateful to see that I've been doing what I came here to do. These awesome songs bring my total songs published on ASCAP up to 185.

My songs are about my spiritual journey. If I want to embody a prayer or a reading, I write a song to help me do that.

I love sharing my songs, meditations, master courses, and Mother Mary's books with you.

If my music inspires you, I invite you to support us financially. Any amount is appreciated.

About the songs on I AM GOLDEN

I AM GOLDEN - was cowritten with Caroline Oceana Ryan.

This song was inspired by a book that changed my life, Abundance for All: The Lightworker's Way to creating Money and the True Wealth (5th Dimensional Life Series Book 1), channel by Caroline Oceana Ryan. This song takes the Collective's wealth formula and puts it to music.

We stayed with organic instruments on this classic rock ballad.

Rob McDonald played bass. Jennifer Ruth Russell on Fender Rhodes, lead vocal and backgrounds

Michael Gayle played the guitar, produced and engineered. Don't miss his amazing electric guitar solo. OMG! glorious.

Speak (Golden Mix) - was cowritten with Michael Gayle

The pandemic offered us a great opportunity. As Michael and I were asked to do all original music (no covers) for the Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living, some weeks we had to create on the fly. This song is a gift of 2020.

What we speak is creative. ⠀

It's our choice to build something beautiful with our words or add to the chaos and confusion.

This song is a call to empowered prayer and is included in the audio version of my book, Empowered Prayer.

Read more about it and see the lyrics here,

We remixed the single version of this neo jazz piece for this collection.

Rob McDonald played bass. Jennifer Ruth Russell on keys, lead vocal and backgrounds

Michael Gayle played the guitar, produced and

Celestial Om - was cowritten with Ronna Herman Vezane

This etheric ballad is hauntingly simple with just solo piano and vocals and a hint of the Angelic realm. It will take you on a Cosmic Mystical Journey of Oneness.

Ronna has been a beautiful channel for Archangel Michael for over 35 years. She is on her 95th journey around the Sun and still offers a monthly message to move us forward in our Ascension. Celestial Om was inspired by one of her poems from their book, Secrets of Self-Mastery **Keys to Ascension**

Listen to Your Heart

This light Latin jazz tune will make you want to dance and maybe swoon. Tom's sax work is exquisite.

This song will also remind you to follow the desires of the genius within. Trust and then GO!

We're all doing a lot of that these days.

Another gift of the Pandemic, this song was inspired by an affirmation for a 2020 Sunday service at Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living.

Rob McDonald played bass. Jennifer Ruth Russell on Fender Rhodes, lead vocal and backgrounds

Michael Gayle played the guitar, produced and engineered.

Tom Morgan Jr. played the sax

With My Love - cowritten with Jeshua

A blessing and a promise from Jeshua to go fearlessly on our journey of perfecting ourselves and our worlds … may we arrive in joy.

This discourse was given on December 24, 1933 and comes from Saint Germain's I AM Discourses Vol. 3. The closing blessing inspired this simple ballad.

Michael plays my favorite guitar on his solo, a Hernandez nylon string.

Another simple and deeply meaningful ballad.

Jennifer Ruth Russell plays acoustic piano and sings

Michael Gayle played the nylon string guitar, produced and engineered

Child of the Light (Golden Mix) - cowritten with Saint Germain

This song has become the theme song for the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy. We sing it often together.

I AM a Child of the Light. I love the Light. I serve the Light. I live in the Light, I AM.

I am protected, illumined, supplied. I'm sustained by the Light.

I love the Light. I bless the Light, I AM!

We're calling it ascension gospel.

Rob McDonald's soulful vocal arrangement is out of this world gorgeous on this song.

Rob McDonald - bass, vocals

Jennifer Ruth Russell - piano, vocals

Michael Gayle - arranging, producing, mixing, mastering, and guitars

Tom Morgan Jr. - sax

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