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What we speak is creative. ⠀

Are you building something beautiful with your words or adding to the chaos and confusion?⠀

My new song is a call to Empowered Prayer. Check out the lyrics below.⠀

Speak will be going up on all digital platforms in a couple of weeks. In the meantime enjoy it first dear family.

Join our Patreon Family. You get early access to all of our new releases and exclusive goodies. At the same time you have a chance to support us financially. Any amount is appreciated.

Thank you for your support which allows us to spend more time creating music and sharing it with the world.⠀


Michael Gayle - arranging, producing, drums programming, mixing, mastering, guitars⠀

Rob McDonald - bass⠀

Jennifer Ruth Russell - keyboards, vocals⠀


written by Jennifer Ruth Russell & Michael Gayle⠀

Speak into Life⠀

Speak into Being⠀

Speak into Love⠀

Speak into Oneness⠀

Speak Peace to ourselves and each other⠀

Peace to all living things⠀

Speak into Light⠀

Speak into Plenty⠀

Speak into Joy⠀

Speak into Wholeness⠀

Speak Love to ourselves and each other⠀

Love to all living things⠀

I AM a conduit of Divine Energy. My thought is creative. My word is powerful. I am not limited by any human concept. Life does not limit me. Opulence does not limit me. Love does not limit me. I speak into the Magnificence of the Great I AM. I AM that I AM!

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