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Opulence Infusion

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

This is my first full Light Song collection using Light Language. I'm thrilled to be sharing it with you.

This EP is a financial sound healing that will calibrate you with the Light Codes of Opulence whenever you listen.

Michael, my love and musical partner, did an amazing job of capturing the language of the Angels that sings through me.

We surrounded it in beautiful musical accompaniment.

This music has a sacred intention, to help you step out of the heaviness of the old system of money and into a new 7th dimensional spiritual technology of Opulence A new faith currency.

Here's a little about each song in this collection and the Opulence Infusion you'll receive when you listen.

The Songs

Rest in the Bounty I've been in love with harmony my entire life. I have a TC Helicon, Performance VK. This awesome tool gives me the ability to harmonize with the chords that I'm playing on the keyboard.

Rest in the nourishing provision of Opulence. Let this song calibrate you to Grace. Let it surround you like a cocoon of Glory and rest in the Bounty.

Ma Ka Tio This is the first vocal light song that we recorded. It's a call for freedom from our collective 'rockets of desire' on this planet. We're talking centuries of lack, poverty, and limitation. The answer is a HUGE REPONSE to our call from our big sister planet, Venus. You can read more about how Lady Venus called me to this work here.

Opulence Light Codes

Early one morning, at the break of dawn, I received the light codes of a new faith currency. And ... I'm supposed to share them with you. Every time you listen to this song you're calibrating with the New Opulence Light codes. Listen often. Joy Light

This rhythmic and whimsical light song is filled with playfulness and joy. It will help you lift out of any heaviness. Calibration Chamber Faith currency is based on faith not works. It is a currency of all needs met, all the time, every time. This song will lift you into the current of the 10th Ray of Pure Gold. This aspect of the Beloved Divine is Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, and the Supply of all that is Good. It will calibrate you to that frequency and fill all 12 of your 5th dimensional chakras with the frequency of Opulence.

Golden Mist

This beautiful piano piece will saturate you in the Golden Mist that is available to us, right now. This song was a result of a home coming of Aireal, my outrageous and bold artist. As I take full ownership of myself as an artist. Life fully supports me in unexpected ways. You can read the full story of how Aireal returned, here.

Appreciation for Opulence Infusion

My students are loving them.

"The songs of light language are incredibly profound and transformative. They bring me to tears. I feel a healing taking place on a very deep level. Thank you Jennifer." ~ Shelby

"I want to thank you for the most amazing journey that we are on. I know this is just the beginning. I am amazed at how different my life is, and rapidly the changes are happening, the fears and worries are gone, the desperate need to see the changes manifest in my life immediately is not there, it is replaced by a joyful knowing that everything is happening in Divine timing." ~ Jacqui W

Let me know how these songs affect your life. I'd love to hear about it. You can share right here.

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