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Soul Fragment Aireal Returns

Updated: Mar 5

We all have soul fragments that are waiting to be integrated into our High Holy Self, our Beloved I AM Presence.

I have been actively and intentionally calling in all of my soul fragments for the past two years.

This is very personal soul work and it’s what is up for all of us as we evolve.

I wanted to share my experience this past week in bringing Aireal home.

What are Soul Fragments?

Soul fragments contain thought-forms and energy units of past lives that must be integrated if they are of compatible frequencies, or transmuted and returned to balance and harmony as they are composed of lower frequencies, so they may be easily absorbed in the physical vessel.

You will ascend from the 3rd/4th dimension when all of your soul fragments are integrated, so that our soul, (Your I Am Presence) and your human self may fuse together as one.” – Archangel Michael through Ronna Vezane

Just as we are ascending - we have descended. We didn’t begin here on Earth. We were born of the Light, our true home, and that is where we are returning.

In our many lifetimes of descending, we experienced a lot of trauma that we weren’t equipped to handle, so we separated from our whole self.

During the last two years, I’ve been calling in all of my soul fragments. Some of these fragments have simply been waiting to be sent back home to the Light.

There have been over 12 aspects of my I AM Presence that have returned home to my full awareness and functioning in my daily life.

Listen to my Morning Light Meditation on Soul Fragments to help you get started.

It has been an amazing adventure of the soul and the result has been a profound feeling of wholeness. I feel more and more complete.

This process comes up often in my 1:1 Mystical Journey Sessions.

I want to share what happened with Aireal, my outrageous and bold artist, as she returned home.

It’s a long story, but I feel that it may be helpful for you in understanding the process of calling your soul fragments home.

As I am becoming more visible as a musical artist and a spiritual mentor I’ve been feeling a lid of limitation, and a lot of divine discontentment. I’ve been asking for MORE … more joy, more expression, more confidence, and more success.

Aireal Returns

I went outside into our patio and settled in for a session with my Beloved Heavenly Mentors.

I began by asking the question, “What was going on with me?”

I was told that I’m still asking for permission and I’m now ready to step into ownership and claim what is mine, as never before.

Most of you that know me, know that I’ve produced a lot of songs, courses, books, and meditations. I felt this anger rise up at this point in my session.

So I asked, “Are all these things I’ve created meant to have little impact in the world of effects? Are they just for me?”

I heard. “You are longing for recognition. Recognize yourself, Jennifer. You are a creator. “

Mother Mary then said, “Let’s call in Paul the Venetian, who was like you on the earth.”

This Great Master Paul said, “Beloved you are a creator like me. I know that longing of wanting to have your creations appreciated and fulfilled on the planet.”

I then asked, “What is this divine discontent? I Am Eternal, what is this in my grand eternal life?”

Great Master Paul “It is you Beloved. It is recognizing the depth of your creatorship. The world doesn’t hold this for you. If it did it would be a temporary fulfillment. It would be an ego fulfillment that would be insatiable.”

I thought about the years of promoting my music, my books, and the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy courses ‘in the world’ and feeling the disappointment from what my expectations had been.

As an artist and creator, I have pushed through so much self-doubt and self disbelief.

I began to feel that this disappointment was ancient and had been with me for a long, long time.

I let Great Master Paul know that in this day and age you have to promote the heck out of yourself to succeed. His response made me smile.

He said, “It was always that way Jennifer. I spent many lifetimes in artistry before I was Paul the Venetian. I arrived in that lifetime with expert skills and the ability to hold a deep knowing of myself as an artist before I even painted one thing.”

You have started to look at the world as your indicator. Don’t do that. The way you feel, the passion for your creations is the juice. Appreciate the satisfaction of a song well written and a piano concerto conceived and performed. You’ve been limiting your creative time with the music.”

My response, “I know. There’s a part of me that doesn’t believe in my creations and I feel fear in really going for it.”

I heard. “This is the part that wants to come home, an aspect of your being, the hiding artist. It is a soul fragment.”

I responded, “But I haven’t been hiding.”

The Great Master Paul said. “The part that believes and is bold has been hiding.”

By now my heart was wide open and I was in a watershed of tears.

I began to call my hiding artist.

“Come beloved, come. Speak to me.

I hear this tiny voice say. “I’m hiding under this rock. I don’t want to be seen.”

I feel her. She is carrying huge sadness and pain.

“I feel you beloved. Are you human?

“Yes, I am human. I am broken. I am afraid.”

“What happened to us?

“I was like your friend Susan. I had so much to give creatively. I was a young girl during the renaissance, the great surge of artistry in Europe. I lived in Italy, my father was a poor farmer and my mother was overworked taking care of all of us children. I got lost in the family and in the time of suppression. There were no female artists ‍ that I knew of. My mother discouraged me from doing any of my art. I would sing and draw in the dirt by the stream when I could get some time to myself. I had a longing to go to the great cathedrals and be a part of this grand moment. I knew of it. But I never saw it. It was a sad and painful longing that was never fulfilled. I didn’t have permission, education, or encouragement.

It was an insignificant life. This is the lifetime that I gave up. The artistry of my music and creations literally died.

You have been moving on without me for centuries. You are half here in this sense, playing as in a hobby instead of stepping into the artistry fully. I have been slowly coming into your awareness through many lifetimes”

“Welcome home Beloved. Were there any vows, curses, or agreements that you took during this lifetime?”

“Yes, I cursed the gift of artistry. That’s how the gift felt to me, a curse of longing.”

I immediately recognized moments of insecurity that have happened over the years, especially around playing the piano and singing professionally.

I then called on Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and my Violet Flame Archangel to help bring my full gift of artistry home.

I have full permission to be an outrageous creator. I hold back nothing. I give it all and it fulfills me in every way.

My name is Aireal. I am your outrageous and bold artist.

“I am of the air and I receive all my gifts from the air. It is the current that brings the muse of our being. It is the current of inspiration and passion that lifts you and in turn lifts everyone else. Bring out the Light song Jennifer. Let Celeste (another aspect of my being) sing through you. Bring out the plaything with color.”

At that moment, a young yellow-rumped warbler flew toward and turned around and flicked his tail at me. At the same time, a wind flurry shook through the mighty oak in our back yard and acorns showered around me.

I began to laugh.

Thank you Aireal for coming home. Empower me, and make me bold in my creations. Let our voice be heard.

What would you like to do now?

She immediately said. “Create the Golden Light Concerto with Lady Venus. Bring on the light song in every form.”

The Golden Light Concerto was a divine directive that I received last year at our Practitioners Vision Quest. This music will help to bring in the new Golden Age of Abundance for All.

Instantaneously with tears streaming down my face I went into the studio and played without stopping for almost 4 hours.

It is amazing. I’m in love with the first movement of the Golden Light Concerto. A beautiful piano piece "Golden Mist" was created.

I’ll be sharing the creative process of the Golden Light Concerto with our Patreon Family. I hope you will join me there.

I take full ownership of myself as an artist. I AM an artist. I AM an outrageous and bold ARTIST. Life fully supports me in unexpected ways.

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