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My Story of the Morning Light Meditations

Have you ever had a divine calling to start something?

This is my story about the Morning Light Meditations came to be.

I have been using guided meditations in Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy courses for years. They are a beautiful way to integrate all of the information that we receive in the deep study of the Company of Heaven. `

When a friend suggested to me that I offer a few of my meditations to let people know about my Mother Mary Healing Circle in April. My heart started to flutter a bit. In the middle of the night, I was awakened to a big "YES" as Mother Mary and my divine team were celebrating with me. I was so excited. I had that same feeling when I was told to write a book with Mother Mary 5 days before my 21 Day Abundance Activation course. That was my first book with Mother Mary, 21 days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary. Having a continual conversation with Mother Mary thrills me and so ... the Morning Light Meditations began. My initial plan was to do 10 meditations so Apple podcast would take them on. After the first 3 meditations, people started to respond. “When is the next one coming out?" "I waited all weekend hoping that you’d have another one for me today, thank God." That kept me going, And this was right after COVID hit. What a blessing that Michael was able to help me record and produce them in our studio. Since we began 8 months ago the Morning Light Meditations have expanded to a wide global audience and we’ve had over 23,000 downloads. And they keep going up every week.

Your love notes and donations have kept me going. Now I’ve received the divine nudge to expand even more.

I want to enter into the temple with you and deepen into the intimacy of doing the Morning Light Meditations Live on video. Some of them will be in nature, like the Ocean of Abundance video I did last week. Some of them will give us the joy of opening up our hearts and singing together. I want to deepen into the Light Song, the song that pulls Divine Light through me in the language of the Angels. Youtube and Facebook Live is not the place for this sacred work. The sanctuary that allows me to be this exposed is the safety of Patreon

. A wonderful place where you and I can walk into the mystic together. I’m inviting you to join our Patreon Family. It will cost you less than a weekly cup of coffee.


I cherish you. You are powerful and precious.

You keep me going and I'm so grateful.

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Dale White
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