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Updated: May 11, 2021

Something truly magical is stretching me beyond what I know as a songwriter and musician.

I’d love for you come with me on this mystical journey.

I’m singing in a language of light, a language of the Angels.

I’m releasing a brand new project, it’s called MA KA TIO.

Jennifer's light music blooms from the core of her humanity. It is primal, potent and powerful. ~ Taffy Wallace

Here's a sample for you.

These songs come to you with a powerful high resolve of Divine Opulence and Nurture.

They're imprinted with Light Codes of Pure Gold. (see deeper dive below)

As you listen to these songs it will clear your subconscious memories of lack.

I have a special exclusive offer for you. It’s available only on our Patreon site.

If you’ve never heard of Patreon? It’s an easy to use platform where I can share my new music with you. And you can support me.

If you sign up by May 29th, my birthday, the entire MA KA TIO EP is yours.

Beautiful, inspiring, magical. ~ Donna Kassewitz

Deeper Dive

Beloved Lady Venus asked me to sing and play while She and an entire team from the planet Venus imprint codes of Light and Pure Gold within these songs.

I received a divine directive from Lady Venus on Summer Solstice 2019 at our Ascension Practitioners Vision Quest. I was told that this music will help to bring in the new Golden Age of Abundance for All.

These songs are the call and the answer that infuses the Earth and everything on her with the Opulence of Father GOD and the Nurture of the Divine Mother.

As you listen to these songs the sound waves will clear your subconscious memories of the curse of Cain. Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus's Divine Complement, is helping us with this. Read more about it here.

As we listen collectively It will help release centuries of hard manual labor and a feeling of defeat within the cellular and etheric memory of all mankind.

We are stepping into creating from Universal Light Substance instead of the ‘sweat of our brow.’

The song, Rest in the Bounty, is your full permission to LET GO and rest in the provision and the arms of the DIVINE MOTHER. I LOVE this song.

My experience of Light Language

What I know about the language that comes through me is that it is sounds ancient and it's Galactic. I believe the words are from our future and may be a Galactic trade language. A common language that is shared by beings from different planets and solar systems. A language for our Ascension.

These words and songs soothe the soul and heal BEYOND the English language and the logical mind.

When I was 18 years old the Holy Spirit anointed me with a language of light.

As words flow out of me, they always fill my heart with bliss and take me to a higher vibration of pure love.

When I began working with the Angelic Realm the words wanted to sing and started to have melodies.

At the Era of Peace Annual World Congress on Illumination in 2018, Michael and I were invited to share our music. I couldn't stop singing this song to myself during our powerful light meditations with Patricia.

When I went to be with the Dolphins in 2019 my whole body was drawn to sing to them.

"Being with dolphins is a magical experience; however, being with them in the presence of Jennifer singing with the Angelic Realm is truly an experience you will not want to miss; These are Divine moments orchestrated by God. May you hear the angels through Jennifer’s songs." - Trudy Schorzman

This is also happening with the piano. The collection of Golden Light Songs are beginning to form on Patreon as well. You'll find Golden Mist, Everyday Glory, and Dragon Play there.

Thank you for supporting me as an artist and a songwriter.

I appreciate you. You complete my circle of life.

When I hear Jennifer's light songs I feel a penetrating vibration of peace and deep love. the music and sounds are so healing to me. I am touched by the wisdom and purity that comes through Jennifer. ~ Maggie Constantino

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