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  • Jennifer Ruth Russell

Forgive me Barack Obama

Updated: May 7, 2019

Dear Barack,

I remember 8 years ago, I was elated as you stepped into the highest office of this country. Our hearts were filled with so much hope and excitement.

Today, I ask for your forgiveness. I left you there on the steps of the White House. Forgive me for not participating in your Presidency. I abandoned you to your high office. I sat back as if ready to be entertained, expecting you to work miracles and fix our country of greed and inequality.

It has taken the shock of an unbelievable election, a new President, who I disagree with on almost every issue, to wake me up to what is mine to do for my country.

I have been called to wake up, to step up, to take my place and to do my part.

For the last 6 months I have been called to pray. My spiritual community has joined me in that call and weekly we have been holding the high watch for Divine Government; a government of Love and Compassion.

Thanks Barack for reminding us that the greatest role in democracy is citizen. So I stand as a citizen of the United States of America and hold this country to the high calling of its divine purpose of Light and Freedom for all.

I stand tall in the divine authority, which is given to all of us, as a Galactic Citizen and I call daily upon the Angelic and the Elemental Kingdoms to assist us in the biggest transformation this country has ever seen.

I make a vow today and I want you to be my witness, that I will not complain, judge or gossip about what appears to be going on in America. I will continue to hold the high watch of prayer, because that’s what is mine to do.

I will call my fellow citizens to be empowered in what is theirs to do to make this change. I will ask of them what is their calling in helping to establish a New America and a New Earth? And to help establish a government that is for the people and by the people.

I will deeply miss you and Michelle being in the White House.

I thank you both for the elegance and dignity that you have gracefully held. You have continually modeled the high road for us.

I gratefully stand next to you both as a fully participating citizen of the Unites States of America and the Galaxy.

In deep appreciation and gratitude,


My fellow citizens, what is yours to do in establishing a New America and a New Earth? I’d love to know. Please post below.

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