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Who is Metatron?

Updated: May 8, 2019

If you haven’t met Metatron yet, now’s the time.

I’m so excited to invite you to this interview. The Ascension Academy welcomes Metatron and Christmas Mager on Wednesday, March 23rd. This free call will begin at Noon (PT). It will be recorded and you will receive the recording if you register.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet this loving Majestic Presence and to meet him in a beautiful way.

Join our Teleseminar with Metatron!

On this call I will interview Christmas & Metatron. We’ll have time for your questions and then complete our time with a guided meditation with Metatron. What a treat. You don’t want to miss this. Christmas is a pure channel of Light and Metatron is eager for us to here his message. It’s time for us to become our own channel of divinity and it’s time for us to ascend.

How did I meet Metatron?

Sometimes people come into your life at the perfect moment and you don’t realize what an impact that moment is until later.

I met Metatron in a class called Masterful Living that I took with Rev. Jennifer Hadley. I picked him out of a deck of Ascended Master cards. I liked him because I heard that he was an Archangel as well as an Ascended Master.

Now I realize that the whole thing was a set up :). As I began learning more about Metatron and learning how to connect with him, I had an experience of seeing this beautiful golden matrix all around the Earth. I saw the connectivity of everything.

Meeting Metatron changed my life. Not only did my spiritual life expand quickly, but everything in my life started to have this shiny authentic quality. I began to be live from the inside out like never before. My songs started flowing and I began to record them. My session with my clients began to deepen in a profound way.

This experience lead me into an intense study of the Seven Sacred Flames which I now teach in the Ascension Academy. I kept wondering, where is Metatron in this study.

Of course my question was answered. Someone told me about Christmas. Christmas Mager has been a conscious channel for the Spiritual Hierarchy for 38 years. At Metatron’s request, Christmas has posted over 400 videos of his messages. Each of these messages is a capsule of Truth, Love and Light.

Christmas is a treasure in my life and to this world.

Metatron is mentoring me in my own ascension.

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