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  • Jennifer Ruth Russell

Prayer Circle with Mother Mary

Is your heart breaking over a loved one? Do you ever feel that your prayers are just hitting the ceiling and bouncing back?

I’ve been there. After praying, what felt like my last prayer for my son, I was gently guided to the Divine Feminine through Mother Mary.

This video will tell you more of the story.

Let’s pray with Mother Mary. Mother Mary is BIG MEDICINE!

She knows how to magnify that which is GOD, that which is GOOD. She knows your perfect Divine Blueprint. She was there helping to knit it within the very fiber of your heart before you were even born.

Join me on April 27th at noon (PT) for a Prayer Circle with Mother Mary.

Register now to reserve your spot.

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Let’s pray for the elections in the USA. Let’s pray for your family. Let’s pray for those that are in the middle of the shambles of war.

What would you like to pray for? Leave me a comment below.

This call is an introduction to Mother Mary’s Healing Class, an 8 week class that begins on Thursday evening, May 5th, at 5PM, (PT).

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