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  • Jennifer Ruth Russell

Peace Meditation – Elohim PEACE & ALOHA

Are you feeling worried about your life and what you are doing?registration

Or maybe your feel a knot in your stomach every-time you think of what’s going on in the world. Do you want World Peace?

Are you feeling depressed and disconnected?

The Mighty Elohim Peace says, “I AM Peace. Wherever man entertains the consciousness of peace, there am I in the flame of that consciousness. I AM Aloha. And I AM the salute of peace in the heart of the flame of Peace. ”

Join me January 20th at NOON (PST) as we enter into the very heart of the flame of PEACE

The doors of the Ascension Academy are opening up with this call. Peace and Aloha are anchoring the very heart of Peace within this Academy. Peace will continue throughout every class, every workshop, every student, every process.

This Academy will be a great benefit to the world. Without peace nothing is sustained. This was a huge gift to us from the Elohim.

Whatever we are creating must be held within the feeling of undisturbed Peace. Otherwise it will disintegrate and return to the Universal, the nothingness, where it came from originally.

During this meditation you will:

Be washed in Peace & Aloha and start to come to peace with all parts of your life.

Experience deep calm that allows you to function at a high level.

Experience the majestic presence of the Mighty Elohim, which are part of you.

  • Join with other like minded Peace lovers in lifting up the Earth and all of mankind in the love of ALOHA!

  • Help Jennifer celebrate the opening of The Ascension Academy.


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