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Be Selfish

Updated: May 18, 2019


Please get really selfish with how you are feeling.

As Abraham Hicks always tells us there is nothing more important than feeling good. Why? Because that means that we are vibrating in the higher layers of light.

That’s where all GOOD resides: freedom, joyful abundance, eternal peace, and of course, LOVE.

And remember Light is always attracted to itself.

You were given this beautiful Pillar of light. It extends about 9 feet out from your physical body and within it are all of your subtle bodies: your emotional, mental ,and etheric bodies are the ones that we’re most familiar with.

This beautiful Pillar of Light is a protective shield for us when we intentionally activate it and take care of it.

Why do we need protection? Because we live in the density of the Earth, we live in a physic realm. We are surrounded by living, pulsating, inharmonious vibrations. They are all around us. We are electromagnetic beings and our auric fields are like sponges.

You’ve felt the effects of these lower entities many times. Whenever you walk into thrift store, you can feel all the vibrations from the past. When you’re around someone who’s in a dark cloud, you feel it immediately.

Think of these vibrations as whirlpools of energy radiating shadow and negativity. They are the culmination of centuries of what I call “crap thoughts”. Thoughts that we have created; bad choices of greed, hatred, power over others, abuse, and a lot of “there’s not enough” etc…

So how do we keep ourselves filled with the high vibration of creator light?

Ask your Beloved I AM Presence to place this protective Pillar of Light around you, first thing in the morning. It will protect you from the imperfect thought forms that are floating around looking for a home.

Cleanse your chakras at least once a day. This amazing chakra system is literally the organs of your light body. Keeping them clean and open allows you to soar higher and higher in the light, which means you feel really good. I like using the Violet Flame to do this. It is a current of energy, right from the heart of God, which is assigned to seize imperfect energy and transmute it back to the Light.

Eat and drink for your light body. Heavier foods lower your frequency and make you susceptible to “crap thoughts.”

Exercise and get plenty of rest. Sleep not only restores your physical body, it allows your Light body to refresh your entire system.

This is one of the reasons that I detox and cleanse regularly. I like feeling good in my all of my bodies.

Join me for the 5 DAY Angelic Spring Equinox Detox & Cleanse beginning on March 16th.

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