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What would it be like if…

Updated: May 8, 2019

May this Holy Season of Christ Light be filled with joy, love, abundance and renewal for you and your loved ones.

Just thinking of you is a gift. You make me smile.

Today, in North America, is Winter Solstice. This is a powerful day on the Earth and in the Cosmos. The Heavenly Realms celebrate this beautiful opening by gathering for grand festivities. This day is an opening for all of us. See for yourself. Today you can set an egg upright and it will stay that way all day long. Try it.

This is the day that my Holy Season begins. “Behold I make all things new” is my mantra for this season. (Don’t forget our 5 Day Winter Angelic Detox & Cleanse begins on January 2nd)

During this Holy Season I wonder if you would be willing to play a game with me. It’s called “What would it be like if…?”

I truly believe it is time for us to go beyond what we see in the world and create the future. 2017 is a brand new cycle, a new beginning. If you add all the numbers together you get 10. Add those two numbers together and you get 1. One is the number of a brand new cycle. As 2016 ends, which equals 9, we are completing an old cycle.

In this New Year everything will be changing. The gap between thought and manifestation will be getting shorter. The veil between humans and the heavenly realms will be getting thinner. We’ll start experiencing and realizing more and more that we are Galactic citizens.

We’ll be creating a new world. What do you want to create?

So this is how you play this game. It is truly a game so become your kid self, use your imagination and pretend. Make it up.

When you see something that disturbs you in the world, instead of getting upset, immediately go to what you would like instead. Your heart will lead the way. Start imagining and then speak it out loud. Begin with, “what would it be like if….”

For instance if someone cuts you off in traffic and flips you off. Take a pause, go into your heart and think of something that you’ve never thought of before like; What would it be like if there was no time, so there was no rush to get to where we want to go? What would it be like if we could simply think our way to our next destination? That’s the idea.

Have fun with it. Play with your income, your biggest idea for 2017. Anything you can think of.

You are helping me create the new world; a world that works for everyone.

This game will keep your heart light and keep you looking ahead. It will help you remember that YOU are a powerful co-creator.

I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below. What has your imagination come up with?

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