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Sunday Morning Lift

Don't you love Sunday morning? It's a great time to fill your home with good music.

I've created two playlists for your family. One for the adults and one for the kids.

Sunday Morning Lift will open your heart and make you feel good.

Morning has Broken by Cats Stevens is at the top of this playlist. Which flows perfectly into one of my original songs, Grateful Heart.

This song was birthed when I was caring for my Mother during the last days of her life. It kept my heart light and my mind in perspective.

Grateful Heart was the little chant that broke the ice when I went to share my music with a Ukrainian community of like minded God lovers. I didn't speak Russian and very few spoke English. After we spent some time looking at each other, I brought out this chant. I was blessed with an interpreter that sang beautifully. He was also very cute. Vitaliy would echo the English words in Russian. I knew after that wonderful experience that I wanted to record this song in many different languages and so we did.

You'll find only uplifting songs on Sunday Morning Lift. Check it out here.

If you want to empower your kids in their global citizen skills and have fun at the same time. Check our Unity Songs for Kids. This is Where I Live is the best community song I've ever heard for children. Many of the Elementary schools that we use to visit made this their school song. I think it's a great song for all of us to remember how to be with each other.

I love this collection and I'm sure you will also like it for your children or your grand children. Please share, share, share as you sing along.

Friendliness is the best cure for loneliness. Take a listen here.

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