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Rise Up!

Daughters of the Living Spirit Rise Up!

Sons of all Creation Rise

You are made Perfect

You are made Whole

You are made of Infinite Love

Workers in the fields of Light Rise

Artists of creation Rise

Embrace your power

Release all doubt

You’re employed by Infinite Love

These lyrics are from my song Rise Up! This is my Easter/Passover gift to you. This song is on the collection, There’s Only Light, you can purchase the CD or download the song by clicking here.

Rise Up

Produced by Michael Gayle

Written by Jennifer Ruth Russell

Keyboards and vocals – Jennifer Ruth Russell

Guitars – Michael Gayle

Drums – Scott Preston

Percussion – Zurietu

Bass and ad lib vocals – Rob McDonald

Backing vocals – Dion Mial, Andrea Lane, Rob McDonald

During the Spring there are so many Holy Days. Each one of them is celebrating the release of the long winter and the new birth, the resurrection, of all living things.

I love celebrating and using the Resurrection Flame continuously. The Ruby Gold Ray is a gift to us right from the heart of the Divine.

The attributes and actions of this Ray are: Divine Grace, ministration of the love of Christ, selfless service of God and mankind, devotion to one’s fellowmen, spiritual worship through devotion and reverence, Peace, and Resurrection.

We can actually use this ray to rise up to our Divine Blueprint, that which is Eternal and indestructible.

You can read more details on how to do this in this article, Resurrect Your Finances

I use this Ray whenever I don’t feel well, when I’m feeling down, and when I want to remember my perfection. I use it for everything in my life, including my financial well being.

Enjoy this song and let it lift you up to your Highest and Best today.

You are here to rise my friend. You are here to transcend whatever you are going through right now. You can do it.

Rise Up!

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