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  • Jennifer Ruth Russell

Pulling Heaven on Earth

As I watch the chaos around us. As I watch the deception within our banking system and our political system being exposed. As I feel the violence from one of our human family members create terror in the rest of us. I’m called to do something in the extreme; something potent, loving and brilliant.

I’m called to pray.

Prayer calls in the Light. Prayer not only changes things, it works behind the scenes to bring a divine solution to very human problems. Prayer lifts us up so that we have the ability to show up as the compassionate heart. That is needed more than ever right now.

When we pray together, we multiply the Light.

Pray with me!

Watch my invitation to Pray with me in this video. Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’d love to hear from you. Are you being called to pray for the USA?

When we pray the Angels always surround us, affirming our spoken words in the cosmic YES! When we invite our Family of Light, the Ascended Masters Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain and their teams to charge their MIGHTINESS, another word for BIG ASS CONSCIOUSNESS, into our words, we are fulfilling our purpose here.

I use to think we were like light bulbs of Divine Energy and Light. Now I know that we are like HUGE MEGA LIGHTS. When we gather together we could light up an entire city, resurrect the dead and move mountains.

The Violet Fire is a sacred flame of freedom transmutation and invocation. Freedom means that we are completely free to be our magnificent selves without limit. Transmutation is divine alchemy; it means that we lift something of a lower vibration, like hate and greed; into a much higher vibration, such as love and generosity.

Invocation is not only our divine birthright it is our divine mission. We are the ones that pull heaven on Earth with our thoughts and our words.

We chose to be here at this amazing time when our old systems are falling apart to give way to a world that works for everyone.

We are opening up Your Ascension Academy’s weekly Violet Flame Invocation Circle to you. I invite you to come and prayer with us every Thursday evening at 5PM (PT) for Divine Governance, health and wholeness, freedom for all peoples, abundance for all, and for our children. You name it and we’ll pray about it. If you can’t join us live, join us when you can on the replay. That energy lives on and must fulfill itself.

The first month is free and after that there’s a small charge of $9 for admin costs. It also helps me to keep track of you. There’s some special spiritual gifts for you there as well. You can step out of the Inner Circle at anytime.

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