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  • Jennifer Ruth Russell

Lighten UP!

Have you heard? There’s a whole new set of light waves flowing into our planet right now.*

You may be feeling a little off, extra tired or fatigued. Your emotions maybe off the charts or you may be feeling energized. Your experience will be uniquely yours.

Our bodies are integrating a whole new energy wave.

I want to remind you that it’s important to stay grounded and to stay in your body.

You may be saying, of course I’m in my body. What I mean is pay attention to your body and take time to listen to its natural rhythms and what it’s asking for.

We do this a lot in our 5 Day Spring Equinox Cleanse, March 16 – 20.

This video will tell you more about it and get you in the spirit of this year’s cleanse.

Each year as we step into Spring there’s even more energy then usual because the Resurrection Flame is flowing in full capacity.

During this year’s Spring Equinox Cleanse we are going to LIGHTEN UP as never before. I already feel the energy of this cleanse. It’s going to be very special, filled with the healing balm of heaven.

You will leave this cleanse feeling so LIGHT and more grounded. Feeling clear minded and energized more than you have been for a long time. For even more support, bring a friend along with you.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

Please let me know how you’re doing. Leaven me a comment below, like the video and pass it on. Light always wants to be shared.

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