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Give your Body a Break

Have you ever experienced body happiness? When you just feel tickled from the inside?

I actually heard my body tell me that it was happy the other day. It made me laugh.

Your body is from the Elemental Kingdom. It’s part of the Company of Heaven. Did you know that an Elemental trains for centuries to be qualified to become a Body Elemental?

Your body elemental not only helped to craft your body from your Divine Blueprint, your Immaculate Concept. It then became the caretaker of your body temple. This relationship is so important for your well being on many levels.

Take a few minutes to watch this video about your Body Elemental and give it a thumbs up. 🙂

Your body is an essential part of your guidance system. It continually is giving you messages. It wants you to stay strong, happy and healthy.

I’m learning to listen to my body and not question when it tells me to rest. I want to encourage you to listen and to start having an intimate relationship with your body too.

Your body responds to everything you are thinking and feeling.

Let’s start giving our bodies unconditional love on a daily basis. Believe me, it will respond in health and happiness.

This is one of the main reasons that I take time out before every season to cleanse my body. I give my body a break and tune in to what it needs. So it can continue to support the work I came here to do.

The 5 Day Summer Solstice Cleanse is a great way to dive into this relationship. It will help you to detox your body, mind and spirit. You will also establish a partnership with your body and learn how to listen.

I’d love to hear how you pamper your body. Just leave a comment below.


Artist: Jennifer Ruth Russell

Date: 06/16/16

Time: 7:00am

City: Your place

Country: United States

Age restrictions: All Ages

Box office: 818-244-5661

Notes: 5 Day Summer Solstice begins on June 16th and concludes on Summer Solstice, June 20th.

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