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Dragon Play

Dragon Play is my new single from the Golden Light Collection. Another Light language piece, through the piano with a high intention.

I am always thrilled to know more about the mysteries of the Company of Heaven and the entourage that is helping me to learn my lessons and transcend the density of the 3rd dimension.

Many of you on my earth team help me to do the same.

One of my favorite master courses in the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy is a 2nd year course, The Magic of the Electrons and the Elementals.

I co- facilitate it with one of our Ascension Practitioners, Alejandra Hein. Both of us are in love with the Elemental Kingdom. Alejandra has taken on a special study with Diana Cooper on the Dragons. She introduced them to us in this course.

Dragons are real.

Did you know you have a team of dragons, one for each of the elements? You also have a personal dragon, that’s been with you for a very, very, long time.

There are many dragons coming to earth now to help the elemental kingdom and humans in their ascension. They are not visible to the human eye, but very present to our inner vision.

They are light beings and have helped me to expand my relationship with the elementals and all of nature.

Meeting my dragons, one by one was a lot of fun and magical.

I was deeply moved and opened myself up to play a light song for them.

Dragon Play is my song of gratitude to these magnificent helpers. Life is becoming more and more mystical and magical.

Dragon Play is a Patreon exclusive offering at any level of membership. Click here to listen.

As you listen to Dragon Play you’ll hear 5 different movements in this piece.

I start out by honoring Blues, my air dragon. Yes, she is blue. She purifies my mind and brings me clarity, wisdom, and inspiration. She is a light dance of joy coming from the east.

My fire dragon, Torch, is filled with playfulness, joy and passion. She is purifying sacred fire and so powerful. She helps to cleanse any negativity from my auric field and protect me from all harm.

Seasealia is my water dragon. She is blue green and silver. The picture above is one I painted of her. She makes me cry as she surrounds me in Christ Light. She comforts me and holds me in the perfection of pure love. As she swims around me I am cleansed, healed, and filled with Grace

A pair of earth dragons showed up on my team. Drillando and Speelia come as octaves of pure Light. They first came as a drill, since they work down in the earth, that was super speedy. They later told me what they’d like to be called. They cleanse the lei lines wherever I direct them. They are purifying mother earth. They ground me and give me strength. They pull heaven on earth everywhere they go.

Lilli is my personal dragon. She glistens white as a abalone shell, with pearl essence beauty. Her eyes are violet blue. She combines air and water. Her constancy is sweet everyday glory. She pulls my dragon team together. She’s magnificent and practical at the same time. She inspires and heals.


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