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  • Jennifer Ruth Russell

Angels and Money

The Angelic Kingdom is always on the ready to assist us. They radiate every Divine quality.

Think of them as the distribution system of all the virtues of Father Mother God.

Archangel Chamuel and his Divine Complement Lady Charity are the Archangels of Love, Adoration and devotion to God, God’s goodness, and Reverence for all of Life.

They serve on the Crystalline Pink Ray of Mother God, the Divine Feminine Ray.

I wanted to share these lesser know Archangels with you because they can help you so much with your flow of abundance.

Chamuel embodies this verse,” Love the Lord thy God, with all they heart with all they soul and with all thy might.” Deuteronomy 6:5

Love is the cohesion of the Universe. Without this Crystalline Pink Ray we wouldn’t orbit around the Sun. None of our relationships, business, financial wellbeing would be sustained. It brings everything together.

It also multiplies everything, especially when you consciously apply it and ask for Chamuel and Charity to assist you.

When you use the help of the Archangels they turbo-charge everything you do and it’s a lot more fun.

Archangel Chamuel is the Archangel of Adoration. His job is to radiate ADORATION. This powerful river of God Energy will multiply and increase everything that you direct it to. That’s our job.

So here is Archangel Chamuel’s Challenge to you:

“Sweep my Flame of Adoration through every condition in your life, to double your supply, to double your enthusiasm, to double your ability to serve and desire to serve, to triple all your activities.

Remember Chamuel! Remember to magnify and amplify the good! Take the money in your wallet and pass the Adoration Flame through it! Bless it and increase it and see what that flame will do for you.

I challenge you children of my heart, to try this” (Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters Teaching Foundation)

Take the money you have in your wallet and hold it in your hand and flow this Divine Feminine Ray of Adoration into it.

Say: Archangel Chamuel, sweep your Flame of Adoration through this money. Bless it and increase it and may it amplify all that is good wherever it goes.

What good are you ready to magnify and amplify in your life? I’d love to hear it. Please leave your response below.

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Freedom Victory
Freedom Victory
01. März 2021

Beloved Jenefer I Am Freedom. i am here to assist humankind in the ascension Process. Thank u for Being available for the 5th Dimension to communicate thru. my email address is if u feel the calling , please return a message to my email. perhaps u are the one I Am to work together with for the next wave of this here eternal awakening process

Gefällt mir
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