Elevate the song of your soul, deepen your dance with Spirit and experience peace as we sing and worship together.   Jennifer is a Practitioner for the Centers of Spiritual Living and Agape International Spiritual Center.  She is also an inspirational speaker.  Michael and Jennifer are award winning composers and producers.


SOULEBRATION is a concert/service designed to open the heart, celebrate our Oneness, and strengthen our faith through the spoken word.  Surrounded in song and visual imagery, we deepen in meditation, unify in prayer, chant together and move in the embrace of the Divine.


Jennifer & Michael provide all the music and speaking for a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening service.  This beautiful concert brings faith communities  TOGETHER.  A SOULEBRATION CONCERT is a wonderful special event!


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Soulebration with Michael and Jennifer is more than a concert, more than a sacred service. It’s a journey into union between the Divine and your Soul. The synergy of dynamic shared prayer, ritual and soulful music creates a field of mystical power which invites each participant and the group as a whole to awaken into pure aliveness! This is an evening of powerful healing, joy and a deepening of spiritual practice that leaves you feeling like you’ve been on retreat for a week. ”

— Amy Jahn
MD at Unity of Tustin

FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Singing You Home Mama


FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Tree Prayer

This poem is about our spiritual growth.


FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Singing You Home Mama


FEBRUARY 19, 2015


Opening of the Mouth


FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Lesson 68

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer’s life’s vision is to uplift, empower and transform the world with songs that open the heart. She is the co-founder of the Remba Records label and has written and performed five albums of powerful, uplifting music, including her most recent release, the Ho’oponopono Prayer Chant. She is currently working on a CD project to Change the World.

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