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  • Jennifer Ruth Russell

We are the Light

Take a moment, closed your eyes and imagine a huge sun right in front of you. Now take a deep breath and breathe in that Light. Breath it into your heart and feel yourself expand.

Wasn’t that easy?

I want to remind you that you are the Light. It’s not something outside of you. You were created from the Light and you will return to the Light.

Do you keep thinking that light is separate from you? Maybe it’s because we have electricity in our homes and we can simple turn a switch and light happens. We also see the sun come up in the east every morning and set in the west every evening without fail. We aren’t the sun. Or are we?

Stay in the Light with me. Ride above the current events of this world and stay light. Stay light hearted and take things lightly.

Focus higher. Focus on the infinite possibilities and not on the little obstacles on the ground. That is what the light is all about. It helps you focus higher. It helps you transcend this world of human conditioning. It helps you see higher and feel great joy.

We are creating a New World and as we do that the old must fall away. The old is falling away, as we stop thinking it is real and that it has any power over us.

Here’s something that will help you stay focused on the Light.

My friend and fellow New Earth teacher, David Matthew Brown, wrote this great little book called The Book of Light: The Heart Opening.

It inspired this song, There’s Only Light. Take a few minutes and breath in the Light as you listen to this song. Don’t forget to leave me a comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Here are some of the words from David’s book that inspired this song. Get the book, it’s brilliant.

  1. There is only light: We are light. This is the truth, foundation, and beginning of everything.

  2. Light emanates from one source.

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