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Jennifer’s Change the World CD Project

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I’m working on a ground-breaking double CD of incredible songs.
Release date – November  2014

lie down in that grass
devotional songs and chants to the Divine Mother that open your heart

The Circle
Grateful Heart
The Opening of the Mouth
Holy Ma-Ray
Om Namah Shivaya
lie down in that grass
Singin You Home Mama
Beloved I AM
Tribute to the Ladies



There’s Only Light
inspirational groove, songs to get you moving towards the Light

I Am Willing
There’s Only Light
Lesson 68
Rise Up
Lighten Up!
I Lift My Cup

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Be uplifted and empowered while you are here.  Jennifer is a songwriter, a singer, a piano player, an inspirational speaker, a teacher, a Spiritual Practitioner and an African.

“A moment with Jennifer is like immersing yourself in the
inspiration of the best music and the love of a most powerful prayer.”
– Michael Bernard Beckwith


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Fistula survivor

Jennifer’s Agape Community Gathering is raising funds to transport 27 women who have obstetric fistulas from Gambella, Ethiopia to Metu. Her amazing Aunt Dorothy Hansen is in Ethiopia and will be administering this project.
These women (many of them in their teens and twenties) will be getting their lives back. After leaking urine (sometimes feces) for years, which means, husbands are gone, they experience ridicule and isolation from their community. This operation will cure them and give them a second chance. This documentary tells it all.

Maybe you’d like to sponsor one woman. That’s only $75. Only $75 to give a woman a new start.

There is a special vibration on the earth that began the day that you were born.   This is your frequency that contains your tones, your melody, your essence, your song.  Your Birth Path Song…..more info, click here.


Meditation and Yoga Collection
By Jennifer Russell and Michael Gayle
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meditation and yoga CD

“be” quiets the mind and draws you into a state of relaxation.  In asana, the undulations and rhythm of the music seamlessly connects your breath with movement.  In meditation, the music holds your focus in a steady current that touches your soul. ”  Kris Sanders, RYT-500


From Jennifer:

My heart’s desire is to write a song that extends beyond all religions and belief systems, that brings people together; a song that will open hearts and give people an opportunity to stretch beyond themselves and connect to the One Life that I call God.

My new CD, One with the One is now available click here to order your copy.   This is a collection of sacred songs, in prayer, affirmation and verse.  Whenever I want to really know something in my body, in my bones, I write a song.

My co-writers (teachers) include, Michael Bernard Beckwith (Agape International Spiritual Center), Rumi and Ernest Holmes (Founder of Science of Mind). My inspiration comes from many different places; Christian D. Larson (Pathway of Roses), Rev. Margaret Shepherd (VisionBuilders Institue), Rev. Maggie Buck, Rev. Jennifer Hadley, the earth and the sky, children, and ALL of LIFE.

My music for light workers is behind Sage Bennett, PhD, Rev. Margaret Shepherd, Rev. Jennifer Hadley, Gail DeWitt (Conscious Contact) and Darcy Cleome (Amethyst Healing Center).  I love creating music for the upliftment, empowerment and transformation of the planet.  What’s your vision?

virtue_songs_cover3MY CHILDREN’S MUSIC

I’m dedicated to using the universal language of music as a powerful teaching tool for the spiritual and moral development of our children. I have received The Parents Choice Award and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for composing The Virtue Songs A – Z, a compilation of 52 original compositions that are the musical companion to “The Family Virtues Guide.” In this compilation, the powerful and universal message of the Virtues are brought to life using simple melodies and rhythms, thereby reinforcing my belief that learning is fun, meaningful and shared through the simple act of singing.

I am now bringing these award winning songs and Art Programs to Elementary Schools in a program called This is Where I Live.